Logo Pure Jute

Explanation logo Pure Jute


Pure Jute’s logo stands for protection of the Jute plant, which is found in the middle of the green world. By increasing the production of the Jute plant a greener world is created.
The leaf on the logo is white, as Jute is pure, no chemicals are used, and therefore it is justifiable. The missing part of the green section stands for the greenhouse effect on the world. Stop this from becoming any larger, strive for Pure Jute. Pure Jute purifies the air by absorbing huge amounts of CO2. One hectare of Jute plants can remove 15 tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere and replenish 11 tons of 02 (oxygen) in its growth period of 100 days. Research has proven that the CO2 assimilation rate of Jute is several times higher than trees. (Inagaki, 2000)