Pure Jute


Pure Jute products are made from the Jute plant which grows in warm and moisty areas in Ganges Delta in India and Bangladesh. Jute is a low-cost crop. It’s growth cycle is very short, typically 4-6 months. Jute materials can be recycled multiple times. After cotton Jute is the most used fibre in the world. The hurt (inner core) of jute is high-yield cellulose, making jute an ideal source of material for pseudo-woods and paper production, outperforming forest growth in almost all regards.
Of this vegetable fibre can spun raw and strong threads. Jute is a very strong product that can bear a lot of weight. Jute is also UV resistant.

Pure Juco


Pure Juco is a relatively new and popular fabric made of a mixture of Pure Jute and organic/cotton

With Pure Juco your product looks chique and adventures.

There is more detail in printing possible and by using  Pure Juco fabric the sustainable bags are looking more sophisticated.

Besides that it feels softer and has a long lifespan.

This fabric combines the best out of Pure Jute and Pure Cotton.

Pure Cotton


We believe in a fair value chain. Many cotton farmers are still exploited and put under pressure by textile giants. The chemicals used by the producing of ordinary cotton is dangerous to humans beings, animals and nature. With the use of certified cotton we will stand up for a better future.
The cotton used is certified by Fairtrade principles and includes the Ecocert, Fairtrade and GOTS labels. These certificates demonstrates that you are using a fair product, produced under socially responsible conditions with respect for human beings and nature. The cotton is produced without chemicals such as synthetic pesticides.

Pure Jute® foodgrade certified

The production of the Foodgrain bags are Hydrocarbon Free and for the Cloth is Rice Bran Oil II (RBO II) used as a substitute to Jute Batching Oil (JBO) in the Jute industry. It was earlier found that JBO (used in cocoa packaging) lead to Hydrocarbon contamination and now that RBO is being used, it has been declared safe for packaging of food products like Cocoa, Coffee, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Rice and other food grains. It has also been approved by the I.O.C.C.C.
Press here for more information about Pure Jute certifications.

Dying and Printing 

All dying & printing is AZO free. 
GOTS certified products will only use GOTS certified  dye & print colors.

Animal free 

We are against the use of animal bye products and strive for making the pure products cruelty free. 

Logo Pure Jute®

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