Jute & Environment


Do you know the juteplant / jute fiber?

  • is a low-cost crop principally grown in India, and Bangladesh.
  • can be grown on waste land, including tidal areas and alkaline soils.
  • multiple seasons of jute growth can  rehabilitate waste land, allowing it to be used for other crops including rice.
  • growth cycle is very short, typically 4-6 months
  • has a inner core  with high-yield cellulose, making jute an ideal source of material for pseudo-woods and paper production, outperforming forest growth in almost all regards.
  • The carbon footprint is low. Jute is a fast growing field crop with high carbon dioxide (CO2) assimilation rate. Jute plants clean the air by consuming large quantities of CO2, which is the main cause of the greenhouse effect. One hectare of jute plants can consume about 15 tons of CO2 from atmosphere and release about 11 tons of oxygen in the 100 days of the jute-growing season. Studies also show that the CO2 assimilation rate of jute is several times higher than trees. (Inagaki, 2000)
  • the ecological footprint is low. Jute is traditionally farmed, it is grown in similar conditions to organic produce.
  • as there is crop rotation, little or no pesticides are used and nothing is genetically modified.
  • the water footprint is low. The global water supply is diminishing. Jute is mainly rain fed unlike cotton (2.5% of the world’s water!)


Pure Jute®:  

Foodgrade certified, Biodegradable & Compostable 

Cradle to Cradle: after use of PureJute materials, it  can be upcycled for other purpose

The production of the Foodgrain Pure Jute bags are Hydrocarbon Free and for the Pure Jute Cloth is Rice Bran Oil II (RBO II) used as a substitute to Jute Batching Oil (JBO) in the Jute industry. It was earlier found that JBO (used in cocoa packaging) lead to Hydrocarbon contamination and now that RBO is being used, it has been declared safe for packaging of food products like Cocoa, Coffee, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Rice and other food grains. It has also been approved by the I.O.C.C.C