Pure Jute Industrial

Industrial textiles


We supply large quantities of Industrial Jute. It’s possible to make it custom made for you.


Special products of 100% Jute can be used for various industrial purposes:

• Geotextile: biodegradable, use as ground stabilizer, soil protection and reinforcement of dikes

• Agro textiles: biodegradable, crop-protection against weeds, extreme temperatures and dehydration

• Horticulture: jute gauze-rags to protect the roots of trees

• Jute bags and Foodgrain bags for packaging of coffee, tea, rice, herbs and other food products

• In construction and car industry jute can be used as sound-and temperature insulation in walls and door panels

• Jute felt

• Carpet industry

• Shoes industry

• Sandbags against floods

Foodgrade certified
The production of the Foodgrain Pure Jute bags are Hydrocarbon Free and for the Pure Jute Cloth is Rice Bran Oil II (RBO II) used as a substitute to Jute Batching Oil (JBO) in the Jute industry. It was earlier found that JBO (used in cocoa packaging) lead to Hydrocarbon contamination and now that RBO is being used, it has been declared safe for packaging of food products like Cocoa, Coffee, Peanuts, Hazelnuts, Rice and other food grains. It has also been approved by the I.O.C.C.C

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