Finalist European Private Label Awards 2021

SPAR Fairtrade Organic Cotton Shopper of Pure Jute®

The reusable luxury canvas shopping bag from SPAR Netherlands is both organic and Fairtrade certified. A stylish alternative to other reusable shopping bags.

The European Supermarket Magazine (ESM) has nominated this special SPAR shopper this year for a final place at the European Private Label Awards, in the NON-FOOD category.
During these Awards, the most impactful and innovative brands / products that are for sale in European supermarkets are determined. We are therefore very pleased to share this great news.

You can find this unique shopper at the SPAR store in your neighboorhood. In addition to the bags, Pure Jute® also supplies reusable fruit and vegetable bags to SPAR with which you can collect fruit and vegetables in the store.
The bags are washable, Fairtrade and organic GOTS certified, just like the shopper. No plastic, foil or synthetic fibers from net bags that can end up in your food and in nature.

Your fresh products in a natural bag. Pure. Of course.

Press here for more information about the Pure Jute products at SPAR.

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